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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Executive and Manager

No. of Vacancies : 7
Candidate Profile

. Understand the functioning of online advertising
. Research on Google and other search engines
. Developing/Managing campaigns around keywords that relate to client's product/service

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Executive and Manager

No. of Vacancies : 5
Candidate Profile

. Keyword research and analysis for better ranking
. On-page and off-page optimization of websites
. Drive traffic by achieving top rankings in organic search results

Web Designer

No. of Vacancies : 5
Candidate Profile

. Designing & creation of high-quality front-end websites, blog layouts, newsletter and flash    websites
. Inculcate creative concepts to support online advertising for various clients

Web Developer

No. of Vacancies : 2
Candidate Profile
. Interpret written business requirements and technical specification documents
. Perform coding to written technical specifications
. Investigate, analyse and document reported defects
. Perform maintenance programming and correction of identified defects
. Create, document, and implement unit test plans, scripts, and test harnesses
. Create and maintain technical documentation using defined technical documentation    templates

Technical Skills/Attributes Required

. PHP, AJAX, MS SQL Server as Database Ad-on knowledge Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET ;
  Knowledge of MVC framework will be preferred.
. Experience: Minimum 2 years of experience in software development & web projects.
. Currently working on web based applications as Software developer.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Executive and Manager

No. of Vacancies : 5
Candidate Profile
. Planning and strategizing social media campaign – Facebook fan page, Twitter profile,
  YouTube channels, Flicker profile and their interlinking if required.
. Setting up social media   monitoring. tools for evaluating the performance.


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